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Rack Crack: Mineral Supplement & Long Range Attractant

Science Backed & Field Tested: Rack Crack is a science backed and field tested long range attractant designed to provide essential nutrients and minerals that help grow bigger antlers and healthier deer. By combining a long range aromatic apple scent, sweet and salty flavor, deer are sure to be drawn in and return regularly for the desired taste and benefits. Rack Crack’s composition of calcium and nine other essential minerals are what deer crave and need for large body and antler development. Buy Rack Crack

How to Use:

When using Rack Crack, site selection is important. Be sure to chose a location near active game trails or natural feeding areas. Clear an area four to six feet in diameter, spread five to ten pounds of Rack Crack mineral supplement and attractant over your site. Then, let the long range aromatics and mother nature do the rest. We recommend checking your mineral site and reapply every four to six weeks.

When to use:

For best results Rack Crack should be used from early spring through late fall, when minerals are most needed for antler and body development.

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